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Garage Carpet Laying

Carpeting solutions for garages and outdoor spaces.


You may have a garage, room or workspace that you want to tidy up and make more comfortable or just look and feel better. Carpeting in these spaces is the perfect solution to quickly enhance the space.


Our customers do appreciate the positive benefits that the garage carpet brings in improving their areas. The carpet we can use is robust, sturdy, and waterproof, it helps to reduce dirt and dust, and ensures a quiet and warm environment.


We’ve supplied and laid garage carpet for many types of properties, including:


  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Car parks
  • Pathways
  • Factory floors
  • Outside play areas


We offer a WIDE RANGE of garage and outside area carpeting solutions for every type of home or building from single story units through to large family homes.


In addition to this, we give you the know-how that comes with having completed hundreds of similar jobs so whatever you are wanting to do we will have a solution for you, and at very affordable rates.


For home and property owners we focus on:


  • Respecting the fact our (temporary) work place also happens to be your home
  • Offering advice and options
  • Providing clear, plain English quotes with no hidden charges
  • Working closely with the painter, builder or other tradesman of your choice
  • Abiding by strict health & safety procedures




  • Have operated since 1995 and have done hundreds of carpeting jobs for homeowners and tradesmen
  • Are owned and managed by a born and bred local who knows and loves the area
  • Have industry recognised training to go with our on-the-job experience
  • Have quality health & safety systems in place
  • What’s more, we offer a wide range of carpets & carpeting solutions

If you’re looking for a dependable team for your carpeting project get in touch with Auckland Carpets.


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