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About Auckland Carpets

Over 25 years’ experience, dozens of clients, hundreds of carpeting jobs


Auckland Carpets provides carpet laying solutions to building owners, construction companies, industrial companies, tradesmen and homeowners. We were formed in 1995 and have dozens of clients throughout the Auckland region.


Our Owner/Manager, Dave Ewins, is a qualified carpet layer and has over 25 years experience in the residential and commercial building sectors.

The things we find the most satisfying about the business are:


  • Problem solving – creating solutions that get clients what they want.
  • Being part of an industry that is important to New Zealand.
  • The variety of work. One day we can be working on a large commercial building project. The next helping a homeowner with a house renovation job. And the next laying carpet in a brand new property.


Solid business values


As a company, we aim to live by these values and ideals:


To offer clients experience and know-how comparable to the highest standards anywhere in New Zealand.
  • To be a genuine business partner. To work in with your timetable, provide sound advice and good customer service.
  • To be open and honest in our dealings with customers, work mates, suppliers and industry colleagues.
  • To help maintain and advance carpet laying standards in the industry.


With the increase in building and construction work in recent years, carpeting companies have never had a greater demand for their services. While this has been good for our industry, we’ve never taken this for granted or assumed clients choose us because they have few or no other options. Instead, we strive to consistently deliver a quality service day-in, day-out.


We keep our skills sharp with both formal and on-the-job training. And we are backed up by our major carpet supplier, Guthrie Bowron, who offer the latest in carpet products as well as technical support if needed.


Our goal for the future is to actively grow the professionalism and standards we set for ourselves in our business.

Are you in search of affordable and high-quality carpet laying services in Auckland and Auckland’s North Shore? Auckland Carpets is here to get your job done quickly and with no hassles.

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